Skills School

pick new skills, get great at 2 and amazing at 1!

As part of our dribbling, skills and shooting training we want you all to work on your skills, listed below are eight great skills. We challenge you to pick 3, get great at 2 and amazing at 1. When we come back to training you can show off your new found skills to your team mates. Happy practicing!

Skill 1 - The Step Over

The Step Over is a classic move used to fool an opponent into thinking you're making a pass when in fact you don't! Use it when you are dribbling at pace and want to get round a defender.

Skill 2 - The Cryff Turn

Named after the brilliant Dutchman Johan Cruyff, this is a great skill for losing an opponent. Shape as if to pass or cross but then drag the ball behind your standing leg with the inside of foot. Turn your shoulders and your hips so that you are back in line with the ball and then race away leaving your opponent in your wake!

Skill 3 - The Maradona Turn / Zidane Roulette

Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane are arguably the most notable exponents of the move, Zidane has been known to use different variations of the Roulette 360 turn. Instead of using his sole to drag the ball back in the move's first phase, he sometimes uses the inside of the foot, especially if he is performing the move while running at high speed. When performed at speed, the manoveure is almost impossible to defend against as it incorporates a sudden change in direction with a continuous shielding of the ball.

Skill 4 - The Ronaldo Chop

The Ronaldo Chop, named for soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo who pioneered the move, is a simple trick you can use while dribbling down the field. The Ronaldo Chop lets you quickly change directions, leaving defenders going the wrong way and giving you space to keep up your attack.

Skill 5 - The Stop Turn

To do this turn, you must immediately halt the ball by placing your foot on top of it. However, the key to this stop and turn is the ability to stop your run in an instant. After you stopped running, turn your body immediately. Do this by pivoting on your planted foot. Then, use your other foot to drive the ball forwards.

Skill 6 - The Drag Back

The drag back is a great turn to use when you haven't got a lot of space to work. Place one foot on top of the ball and staying in contact with it throughout, roll it back and move off in the opposite direction.

Skill 7 - The Reverse Step Over

The step over football skills go way back as they were most likely invented by Argentinian striker Pedro Calomino in the early 1900s and since used by many football players such as Ronaldo R9, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, many of which are using the step over football skills to deadly effect.

The reverse step over is a development of the step over. Incredibly difficult but pretty cool!

Skill 8 - The L Turn

Recognize the correct moments to use the L turn to move away from defender using the L-turn. The ability to use attacking move to beat defender and create the chance to shoot is vital and will leave the defender wondering where you have gone!