The Toilet Roll Challenge

Toilet rolls are hard to come by at the moment. If you are lucky enough to have one, what better to do with it than see how many times you can keep it in the air and then finish off with an amazing volley or piece of skill? The challenge for you all is to see whose family can do the most! All you have to do is film a player and a member of their families attempt and send the recordings to Please include your total and your video will be uploaded here for everyone to see. The competition will run until April 23rd, you will be judged not only on the highest number of keepie uppies but also the best piece of skill at the end, get creative!!!! To give you an idea of what you could do here is the football god Lionel Messi with a toilet roll.

You've just seen how it should be done, now watch how we do it.....

COngrats to steff & Felix who won our toilet roll challenge with an amazing 29 keepie uppies. Well done boys, amazing and well deserved!

We all know that German's are brilliant at penalties but what about keepie uppies with a toilet roll?

Annoyingly, it seems they are pretty good at that too. Amazing stuff from the Herman's, they have skills to burn. Take a bow son!

Team Burman's attempt at the Toilet Roll challenge. All you need is a toilet roll, a foot and a bit of skill. Actually, all you need is a toilet roll and a foot...........

Question - What do you to to celebrate your 8th birthday? Answer - Get out a toilet roll and see how many times you and Dad can keep it off the floor of course! The Crane's finally get involved and put on a great performance, turns out that Archie is not only good with a football at his feet, he is pretty decent with a toilet roll!

The Smith's have been busy training for the toilet roll challenge and by the look of the state of their toilet roll they have had quite a few attempts. A different technique from Sarah but to give her credit it is successful.

The toilet roll challenge entries are coming thick and fast now! Check out team Hemsley's attempt. Those Hemsley's have got some talent....... with a toilet roll.

Team Riches' got involved in the Ringmer Toilet Roll challenge. Can they beat the Burman's? They have some skill those Riches' it is almost like the toilet roll is floating on air............

Finally, it is the attempt from team Morgan. Surely their French side will shine and bring out the the exquisite skill that the French are known for? Or will they be more England's Peter Kaye? "Have it"!!!!!

It's the turn of our super stopper Jaxon to show us his skills with a toilet roll. And boy what skills. Not only does he love stopping strikers and scoring wonder goals from the half way line he is also awesome with a loo roll! Great work Jaxon, now get Mum or Dad involved and shoot up that leader board!

the competition is closed but we still want to see your attempts.

Have A go and send your attempt to

we cant wait to see your video's