the FOOTBALL Food Eleven

In the first of a new series we invite you to come up with a food eleven. A few rules. You have to have the food (or drink) in your house. You have to make a video and send it to Neil, Rachel or Marc so we can share it on here. Errrmmm, that's it. We've had a lot of fun with this so we hope you guys do too.

Be creative, have fun and send in your attempt. We will find a prize for the best attempt. Below are a our attempts which will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

The winner will be the team that is most ingenious and makes us laugh most. The field is strong, good luck!

First attempt come from Neil and Charlie with their food eleven (plus a manager and two subs).......

Over to Pete and Sam Riches with their football eleven. You will notice how many of their players are alcohol based which probably provides an insight as to how their household are getting through lock down. :-)

Next up the Cranes. Some Gem's in here from the boys. An amazing curry based player in midfield for the Cranes. Check out Archie thoughts on his team at the end where he provides an in depth view on their team.....

The Morgan have been raiding their cupboards too looking to get the best (and funniest) Footballing Food 11 they can. My personal favorite of all submission so far is Marc and Felix's striker. I won't spoil it for you other than to say it is genius!

The Smith's are the latest to come up with their food (and quite a lot of drink) football eleven. Well done Ollie and William, great stuff, my personal favorite of all their players is Stan Collyflower! Genius! :-)